Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why women are so good at spotting lies..

Most men know how difficult it is to tell even the smallest lie to a woman, face-to-face, without getting caught.  If a man must lie to her, he'd do much better over the telephone.  Most women have less difficulty lying straight to a man's face-and they can usually get away with it.

MRI brain scans reveal the average woman has between 14 and 16 key locations in both brain hemispheres when she is communicating face to face.  These locations are used to decode words, tone of voice changes and body signals, and largely account for what is known as a 'woman's intuition'.

A male typically has only 4 to 7 of these locations because male brains have evolved for spatial tasks rather than communication.

This female super awareness has a purpose- to defend her territory against strangers and to communicate with her children.  A woman needs ability to look at her offspring and quickly read the difference between pain, fear hunger, injury, sadness and happiness.  She needs to be able to rapidly assess the attitude of people who approach her nest- are they friendly or aggressive?  Not having these survival skills would eave her exposed in danger.

A woman can even read the emotions of an animals for the same reasons.  She can tell you if a dos is happy, sad, angry org embarassed.  Most men can't even imagine how an embarassed dog would look.  the goal of a hunting male has always been to accurately hit his target, not talk to it, counsel it or try to understand it.

Women's brains are organised for multi-tracking, allowing then to deal with a number of pieces of information at one time.  This gives women the additional advantage of being able to read body signals and listen to what is being said while at the same time, talking.

Males, with  their mono-tracking brains, focus on one piece of information at a time and consequently miss many of the body signals.

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