Sunday, January 9, 2011

who lies most??Men or Woman?

most woman will enthusiastically claim that, without doubt, men lie far more often than women.  

Scientific studies and experiments show, however, that men and women tell about the same number of lies.  It's the content of their lies that differs.  

Women tend to lie to make others feel better and men lie to make themselves look good.

 Women lie to keep relationship safe.  Women find it most difficult to lie about their feelings.  

Men lie to avoid argument and love to lie about how wild they were when they were young.  

A woman will lie that someone looks wonderful in their new outfit even though she thinks the person looks like a sack full of potatoes.  

in the circumstances, a man keep away from the person to avoid lying and will only lie if he is forced to give his opinion. And when a man does tell a lie, most women are good at spotting it.!!! 

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