Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Pinocchio Effect

Here's a brief list of other giveaways indicating a man may be bending the truth:-

1. Facial muscular twitching.  The brain tries to prevent the face from showing any feedback.

2. No eye contact.  His eyes will look away.  If the room has a door, that's where he'll look.

3. Crossing of arms and/ or legs.  This is defensive instinct.

4. Tight-lipped  smile.  This second forced smile used both sexes to feign sincerity.

5. The pupils of eyes narrow.

6.  Fast talking. A liar wants to get it over with.

7. The head will shake 'no' when giving a 'yes' answer or vice versa.

8. Hiding his hands.  Men find it easier to lie with their hands in their pockets.

9.  Mispronouncing words or mumbling.  A liar thinks he is not lying when he does this.

10. Overstated friendliness/laughing.  He wants you to like him so you will believe him.

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